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The infamous

Spot the Duck Webcam

 Live from Loch Lomond - Scotland

Welcome to the infamous Spot the Duck Web cam located on the beautiful banks of Loch Lomond in Bonnie Scotland.

This incredible duck was first sighted near Luss on Loch Lomond way back in August 2001 and has been seen several times since. Scientists studying photos of Spot are totally bewildered as to what type of duck Spot can be for there are no known ducks of this type anywhere in the world!!

They now think that Spot could be some type of prehistoric duck related to the dinosaur!!! 

Spot has become an overnight phenomena an even bigger sensation than the Loch Ness Monster and, as we all know, Nessie is huge.

 Tourists from all over the world are rushing to Loch Lomond in the hope of catching a glimpse of Spot. Now you can see him too if you are patient and lucky. 

To make it possible to watch for Spot, even at night, we have installed ten 4 Million Watt spotlights along the banks of the loch so log on anytime and you may be fortunate enough to spot Spot.  



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Pictures from Loch Lomond

loch lomond web cam luss village loch lomond scotland view over loch lomond
View of Ben Lomond Luss Village by the Loch Arial view of Loch Lomond